Now that the left’s long march through the military is complete, why should we still believe that the military is on our side?

In the previous entry, about the “Kiss,” reader Max P. makes a profound and chilling observation to which I have no answer. If the supposedly conservative men who are the backbone of the military are not only going along with, but supporting, the official imposition of homosexualism on the armed services, what evil would they not support?

[G]iven that the Navy has now arranged for this lesbian publicity photo, it makes me wonder how the military would protect us in a real crisis, for example, if the government ever decided to confiscate private firearms or suspend the Bill of Rights. In the past I’d assumed the red-blooded conservatives who make up our military would rather quit than take part in the repression of their own countrymen. But now I am not so sure. It appears they would probably follow through with extreme efficiency.

Posted by Lawrence Auster at December 22, 2011 09:35 PM | Send

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