The sinister side of the Christie balloon

Noel Sheppard writes at Newsbusters:

[T]here’s another factor in all the media’s Christie watching: it allows them to cast the other Republican presidential candidates in a negative light.

Most of the reports on the New Jersey governor suggest the yearning for him is a function of how terrible those currently in the race are. By focusing on Christie, they get to belittle those that have already thrown their names into the ring.

This means if he doesn’t enter, the Obama-loving media can spend the next thirteen months selling the other candidates as well as the eventual nominee short for not being Christie. If he does get in, they’ll just tear him to shreds.

Judging from Sunday’s 3000-word, racially charged front page hit piece in the Washington Post concerning Texas governor Rick Perry, it’s a metaphysical certitude the press are already digging all over New Jersey for the dirt they’ll need.

Posted by Lawrence Auster at October 02, 2011 09:38 PM | Send

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