Rodrick Shonte Dantzler shot and killed seven people in two Grand Rapids homes.

Then he shot and wounded two more people while he was firing at police during a high speed chase through downtown Grand Rapids. Then he took three people hostage in their home in a neighborhood by a small lake for eight hours while police surrounded the house and negotiated with him for his surrender. Then he shot and killed himself.

Liberals and mainstream conservatives will no doubt see the incident as a wake-up call that we must try strive harder than ever to make No Child Left Behind work, so that the racial gap can be closed, and blacks won’t be left behind and become angry and alienated and turn to violence.

It’s basically the “Left Behind by the West” theory of Islamic extremism (promoted by Bernard Lewis and Daniel Pipes), combined with the “Alienated in the West” theory of Islamic extremism (promoted most recently by British prime minister David Cameron), applied to blacks in America.

In this connection, Daniel Pipes wrote a few years ago that the way to cure Islamic extremism, which he said had been caused by the trauma of their being left behind by the West, was for Islam to rehabilitate its past power and glory as a divinely guided society. VFR’s brief and to-the-point entry on Pipes’s amazing statement is worth a re-read. The black analogy to Pipes’s notion that the way to cure Muslims of their violent anger, caused by powerlessness, is to empower them, is liberals’ notion that the way to cure black thugs of their violent anger, fed by white racist discrimination, is to be sensitive to their feelings about white racist discrimination.

UPDATE: As is the usual media practice, the news story I linked in the initial entry said nothing about Dantzler’s being black, but of course his race was obvious from his middle name. And here, as is also the usual media practice, is wordless confirmation of his race, from

Rodrick Dantzler

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