“Teen” violence gets closer to the elite, making it harder for media and officialdom to keep covering up who the “teens” are

Matt Drudge has several stories on the shooting that occurred in Kansas City over the weekend. The mayor, Sly James, was visiting a place called the Country Club Plaza, where there has been a lot of “teen” violence that has alarmed the community, and while he was there several gun shots were fired no more than 150 feet from where he was standing, wounding several teens. He was pushed to the ground by his security detail.

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James N. writes:

I looked at a job in Kansas City in 1982—Country Club Plaza was new and the first place they wanted to show off.

One thing is clear: if you live in a place where the mayor is named “Sly”—move.

Karl D. writes:

I don’t know if you remember or not but back in the late ’70s into the ’80s there was a popular T-shirt for sale in the then lawless New York City. From what I remember it had a large graphic of a hand holding a revolver and said something like, “Welcome to New York. You aint in Kansas anymore.” My how times have changed. It is amazing what demographics will do.

Thucydides writes:

Country Club Plaza in Kansas City is the center of the upscale community, with fine restaurants, stores, and corporate headquarters, and a leading luxury hotel adjacent. Here is a description at Wikipedia.

In the past, liberal elites have been indifferent to what their fellow citizens have had to suffer from contact with the black underclass. With lawlessness expanding to such precincts, the elites will themselves now feel directly threatened.

LA replies:

If there is justice in this world, the radical chic whites will directly experience that which they have with malicious pleasure unleashed on the un-radical chic whites for all these decades.

But, as I may have said before, a few experiences of being exposed to minority violence will not, by themselves, change the thinking of white liberals, because they will simply explain such events as due to the still-existing white racism and lack of compassion and thus necessitating even greater compassionate and anti-racist crusades. No. It is only when the minority violence and disorder becomes UNBEARABLE to the liberal whites that they MIGHT change their thinking.

PRK writes:

Country Club Plaza is one of the nicest areas of Kansas City. It is a section of a sprawling city that is overwhelming white and ritzy. One finds Tiffany & Co., the Kansas City landmark—Hall’s Department Store, Ralph Lauren, Armani, expensive and lovely restaurants attracting a moneyed crowd.

Many wealthy people live in this part of KC and just down the road on Ward Parkway are some of the most beautiful mansions in the country. It is here where old Midwest money resides. In April-May of 2010, a black flash mob, actually what we in NYC once referred to as wilding, invaded “the Plaza” and many whites were hurt.

It is a marvelous part of KC, reminding me of Rodeo Drive in Beverly Hills. I take my guests to “the Plaza” to show off the city in all its finest. It doesn’t surprise me that blacks have chosen the Plaza in which to go wilding. It seems that blacks are deliberately hitting up fancy areas where whites assemble. I can’t be certain but it seems to me that these attacks are being orchestrated. From whom? From where? We don’t know. Or, do we?

August 16

MJB writes:

One of your commenters mention that the Plaza was new in the ’80s. That is incorrect. It was completed well before the ’50s. As a child in the ’50s, I looked forward to being driven through the Plaza at Christmas time to see the massive and elegant decorations. It was the “Rodeo Drive” of its time for KC and the surrounding area. The residential area has large, grand old homes and are still considered prime real estate for vintage homes. It may have had some restoration during the ’80s but I was gone from the area by then.

I did some investigating from some of the KC news sites. KMBH.com has a number of videos and news articles and in the videos the “teens” appear to be blacks. The written articles go back to April 3, 2010 when the first flash mob occurred—interesting articles and, of course, only teens or young people are mentioned—not blacks or African Americans.

Kansas City, Mo. has a large population of blacks which first rioted round 1968 by destroying their own new high rise housing. Kansas City, Kansas is primarily black as are a few suburbs. Even in the ’60s, none of those areas were safe in the ’60s for white persons to drive through after dark. I guess some things never change. As evidence of “never changing” see—-this very interesting, but very tedious reading of a long paper written by a black man who went South after the Civil War to open schools and teach the “new freedmen.” It was published in 1901—why so long after being written, I don’t know. I do have some references about the after-publication turmoil that this paper caused for the author—no different than what occurs today in reference to black culture/behavior.

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