Romney improving in some key states where he was behind

Also at the Daily Kos, there are some surprising polls on swing states (taken before the debate, of course), with Romney pulling ahead or almost even in key states where, I had heard just a few days ago, he was falling behind. However, in Ohio and Wisconsin Obama is way ahead.

ARIZONA (PPP): Romney 53, Obama 44

FLORIDA (NBC News/Marist): Obama 47, Romney 46, Others 1 (LV); Obama 48, Romney 43, Others 2 (RV)

NORTH CAROLINA (Rasmussen): Romney 51, Obama 47

OHIO (NBC News/Marist): Obama 51, Romney 43, Others 1 (LV); Obama 51, Romney 42, Others 2 (RV)

VIRGINIA (NBC News/Marist): Obama 48, Romney 46, Others 1 (LV); Obama 48, Romney 45, Others 1 (LV)

WISCONSIN (Marquette Law School): Obama 53, Romney 42 (LV); Obama 54, Romney 40 (RV)

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