Homosexual rights supporter Roger Stone denounces Obama over homosexual “marriage” statement

It is incredible that Obama made a big deal of saying he’s in favor of homosexual “marriage,” but then made clear that this is only his private opinion, and that he will not support the repeal of the Defense of Marriage Act nor push the DNC to adopt homosexual “marriage” in the Democratic platform. Since the whole point of the president’s pro-homosexual “marriage” TV interview was to placate homosexualists who have been increasingly angry with him over his failure to take the pro-homosexual “marriage” plunge that almost all liberals and all Democrats, including his secretary of state and his vice president, have now taken, why do it and then reverse it, thus angering the homosexualists further?

Roger Stone, veteran Republican oddball strategist and advocate of heterosexual and homosexual freedom, tears Obama apart over this, and his arguments, from a liberal perspective, are cogent and devastating.

UPDATE: But evidently Obama’s step is not incredible, contrary to what I said above. Liberal media have touted the great influx of campaign cash he has received as a result of his pro-homosexual “marriage” statement and are still reporting the statement as nothing but a positive development for him. While I have not searched for such stories, I have not seen any indicating that the homosexual rights people have been turning against Obama for failing to take any political steps to advance their cause.

The situation remains bizarre. Offhand, I cannot remember ever seeing a U.S. president state that he has a “personal” support for Policy X that was ONLY personal support and that would not be reflected in any actual steps by him to advance Policy X. Can you?

Another question is: why does Obama still balk at all-out, official support for homosexual “marriage”? Since his entire re-election campaign, as we’ve been told over and over again, is aimed at his liberal base and not at Independents, what would he have to lose?

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