Discussion continues today in the following older entries, among others:

“Not in the Mood”: the discussion with Mencius Moldbug about whether a return to a traditionalist society is possible, about whether I am too liberal, and about whether Mencius has anything useful to contribute.

In “Is Islam a religion?”, see Alan Roebuck’s excellent comment which clears up certain confusions.

In the entry on Catholic Darwinism, a commenter questions my objection to the Catholic idea that Darwinian evolution created the human body, and God then injected the human soul into the human body.

Another comment arguing that Rick Sanchez was fired because he challenged the view that Jews are victims. (On this same issue, tomorrow I will post my solution to the Sanchez conundrum: what do you say if you’re being interviewed on television and the interviewer makes the utterly ridiculous suggestion that Jews are an oppressed minority in the television news industry? Is there a way of truthfully correcting his absurd statement without getting fired?

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