Five Dutch women raped in Kenya—I guess they hadn’t been reading VFR

(See, below, a partial catalog of incidents of black savagery, mainly black on white savagery, that have been discussed recently at VFR.)

In the recent thread about the British honeymooners who were murdered in Antigua, Mark Jaws and Karen from England argued that white people should not visit any black-run country without having serious security measures in place, ranging from carrying a heavy-duty firearm, to paying top dollar for a private armed guard, to staying only in five-star hotels with proper security. Karen, who has spent time in Africa, pointed out that if you have a private guard in a black country who is not well paid, he may become your attacker. And then this story comes in from the AP. At the opposite end of the security spectrum from what Mark and Karen recommend, five female Dutch Eloi were out somewhere in the bush in western Kenya, with, apparently, nobody taking care of them but their driver and a watchman, and all five were raped, and the driver and watchman have been arrested.

NAIROBI, Kenya: Five Dutch women helping build an orphanage were raped in western Kenya, police said Monday. Five men have been arrested.

The women were attacked Thursday just outside Kakamega, police chief John Mwinzi said. He said he didn’t know the exact ages of the women, but they were likely in their 20s or late teens.

The attackers—armed with a toy pistol, machetes and clubs—also stole a camera, laptop, satellite phones and cash, police said.

The women were among a group of 12 people visiting a building site in a village just outside Kakamega, which is about 200 kilometers (130 miles) from the capital, Nairobi.

The group’s driver and watchmen at the compound were among those arrested, Mwinzi said.

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Mark Jaws writes:

Maybe those Dutch girls are friends of Sam H. from the Netherlands. These ignorant and naive white girls are even worse than the 13th century young people who took part in the tragic Children’s Crusade.

Karen writes:

It’s just typical! Typical of the white Western liberal naive mentality, even arrogance, that thinks all people and places are the same—an attitude summed up by one of your commentators yesterday, “What did they do wrong, they just booked a vacation?” As if booking a vacation were a guarantee of safety and all precautions could be left to the travel agent. There is a childish and naive and often willful irresponsibility about this fanatical belief in propaganda (government or commercial) and the abrogation of responsibility for one’s own welfare and security. Maybe it comes from the welfare state, which fosters this dependency and immaturity. No doubt these Dutch women will say the same, “What did we do wrong, we were doing worthwhile charity work?” But drivers and watchmen cannot provide security. White people have to get to grips with the fact that in the Third World, more than anywhere else, and in black countries especially, their security is their own responsibility. Deal with hotels and organisations that can provide the level of security needed. Time and time again this type of incident is repeated, but people don’t get the message. What will it take to waken whites to reality?

LA replies:

Not only do such incidents keep being repeated, but—and this is a major reason why they keep being repeated—the fact that they keep being repeated is never remarked on by police, government officials, or mainstream media.

  • Blacks murder in cold blood a honeymooning British couple in their vacation cabin in Antigua.
  • Five Dutch women are raped in the bush in Kenya.
  • Two young white men standing outside their Christian recording studio in a Dallas suburb have a friendly conversation for a half hour with two blacks who then pull out guns and murder the two whites in cold blood.
  • A white police officer and father of three in Fort Myers, Florida intervenes to stop a black man from beating a woman outside a nightclub, and the black pulls out a gun and shoots the officer in the face, killing him.
  • A female journalism student in New York City gets onto an elevator in her building with a strange black man and after he gets off on her floor and follows her, she opens her apartment door allowing him to force his way into her apartment where he tortures and rapes her for 19 hours and she barely escapes with her life.
  • A mob of blacks engage in a several-hours-long, free-ranging, “wilding”-style rampage against white people in Mount Clemens, Michigan.
  • Black youths systematically terrorize white passengers in Portland, Oregon rail system.
  • A white man bicycling through a black neighborhood in Charleston, South Carolina is attacked by a mob of blacks who beat him on the head with pipes and trash cans, so damaging his brain that his life effectively is over.
  • In Tennessee, Kevin Henderson, the 41 year old brother of black author Carol Swain, is knocked to the ground by five black teens, who kick and stomp him until a neighbor intervene. Henderson staggers home, collapses, is declared brain-dead within hours of the attack.
  • In Jena, Louisiana, in anger over the supposed racial injustice that white students were not sufficiently punished over a “noose” incident, a gang of blacks knock Justin Barker to the ground and stomp and kick his unconscious body.
  • A group of blacks in Knoxville, Tennessee kidnap Channon Christian, 21, and Christopher Newsom, 23, and rape and torture both of them repeatedly over several days and then murder them.
  • Two British police officers are injured after 30 teenagers, some in school uniform, attack them “like animals” after they ask a girl to pick up a piece of litter.
  • Knife murders (by blacks) become so common in London that the mayor tells people not to intervene if they see trouble.

These savage black attacks are in the news every week, almost every day, and the media never say, “There’s a dangerous element within the black population, and it’s especially dangerous to white people, there is a such a thing as black on white crime, therefore whites have got to take precautions when in black areas and when traveling in black countries.” These simple statements of fact are never uttered, because they would violate the liberal orthodoxy that race doesn’t matter and we can all live together as one. Instead, each incident, even when the respective races of the victims and perpetrators are mentioned, is treated as though it were isolated, having no relationship to any larger phenomenon. Since it is impossible for people who are under the influence of this liberal orthodoxy even to form the concept that blacks are particularly dangerous to whites, let alone to say it aloud, whites keep voluntarily, carelessly subjecting themselves to the black savagery.

Karen replies:

Exactly true. It is amazing what a paralysing grip this liberal orthodoxy has on people, even intelligent ones. The white race has been reduced to a collection of sheep.

LA continues:

In my list, I didn’t mention the systematic campaign of murder and rape against white farmers by the black government of Zimbabwe. I didn’t mention the highest crime nation in the world, South Africa, where whites live under seige from black criminals. Meanwhile the Western countries, particularly Britain and the U.S., having pushed the whites of Rhodesia and South African to turn their respective countries over to the hell of black rule, don’t even bother to notice what is happening there, except, of course, when blacks are victimized, as when Mugabe recently terrorized his black political opponents during an election. Then the West gets very upset, but only briefly. The Western liberal mindset concerning blacks and black rule doesn’t change.

Philip writes from England:

Karen asks why whites are so naive about black violence and says-

“Maybe it comes from the welfare state, which fosters this dependency and immaturity”

If this were the case I would have expected Americans not to fall into the same trap, yet they do. I have also read reports in the media about Japanese tourists who have gone on holiday to places like Iraq expecting an interesting holiday, and ending up being kidnapped. In one case I have to say I found amusing, Israeli security forces in a stand off with Palestinian terrorists suddenly found a load of Japanese tourists with video cameras wandered into the street between them!

The Japanese have what I felt was a rather poetic name for the phenomenon- “senility through peace.” This illustrates what the Japs felt was at the root of the problem, and also shows it’s not just us welfare-state lovin” Euro-Eloi’s!

Indian Living in the West writes (August 4):

I am going to send a Philip a doctor’s bill tomorrow. Ask him not to send in stories that are so hilarious that I fell off my chair laughing and ended up hurting my back!

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