Why Obama opposes the Arizona law

Obama’s consistent line has been that the only solution to the problem of illegal immigration is comprehensive immigration reform. What he really means by this is that by legalizing all illegals and by treating virtually everyone else who wants to comes here as a legal immigrant (which was also the principle of G.W. Bush and J.S. McCain in the 2006 and 2007 immigration reform efforts), there will be no illegal alien problem because all immigrants will be legal. In short, the idea is to eliminate America’s illegal immigration problem by eliminating America’s borders and eliminating any practical distinction between America and the rest of the world. How many times did George W. Busheròn say that “family values don’t stop at the Rio Grande,” the undeniable meaning of which was that America should not have borders and that everyone who wants to come her, should be able to do so legally?

Whether in its “conservative” Busheròn mode or its openly anti-American Obama mode, it’s a transparently false argument that no honest person could believe. But it’s Obama’s story, and he’s staying with it.

Which brings us to the Arizona anti-illegal alien law. Why does Obama oppose it so much? Because he knows that any effective moves, such as Arizona SB1070, to stop or reduce illegal immigration will take away Obama’s argument that the only solution to illegal immigration is comprehensive immigration reform. If illegal immigration is already being substantially reduced, why would we need Obama’s comprehensive package? The Arizona law removes the main rationale for Obama’s position, and reveals it for the fraud that it is.

Andrea Tantaros discusses the issue in the New York Daily News.

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