Black motorcycle gang chases white motorist, forces him out of his car, and stabs him; not newsworthy

J. Christian Adams at PJ Media posts an article in the Macon Beacon, a small paper in Macon, Mississippi, about a black motorcycle gang that chased and stabbed a white motorist at an intersection in broad daylight. The crime has not been covered except in that one paper. The reporter, Scott Boyd, who is also the Beacon’s publisher, was unable to interest the Birmingham News in the story, or interest law enforcement in going after the black gang, known as the Outcasts of Alabama.

However, as Adams tells us in an update, seven hours after his article was posted at PJ Media, the Birmingham News changed its mind and found the black-on-white crime newsworthy. But it also puts its own spin on the crime, calling it an incident of “road rage.” As a commenter at the Birmingham News puts it, “Let me get this straight: a group of black motorcycle gang members attack a white man by stabbing him, but it’s just road rage?”

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Doug H. writes:

This article like many others serves to remind me that white people simply will not come together as a group to protect themselves. Something like this happening in the South just goes to show how much the world has changed. My dad used to talk about the Birmingham, Alabama area in the 1960s. He said many whites were afraid to go there because of the Black Panthers and groups of black bus riders who would beat whites. Whites were afraid even back then. It’s not surprising that someone would go on a revenge killing spree as recently happened in Oklahoma. Whenever I am travel, I do so armed well. If defending my family’s life means I may have to do jail time, then so be it.

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