Another sign of the American conservative movement’s surrender to homosexual “marriage”

Dan R. writes:

It’s now a week since the massive march in Paris in opposition to “gay marriage,” and I’ve seen nothing of it in the American media. It could just be me, as I don’t comb through the papers every day or even watch much of the cable news channels, but I’m somewhat stunned at nothing coming through on our supposedly conservative radio talk shows. Perhaps the French march has just shamed those mainstream American conservatives so fond of ridiculing the French, who know that something of this magnitude would simply not take place in the U.S. Or is it just that none of them care—that the new conservative acceptance of “gay marriage” has taken it off the table? Reading of the march actually brightened my week, but juxtaposing my feeling about it with the conservative reaction or lack of is both puzzling and disturbing.

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January 21

Jewel A. writes:

I was pleased and surprised not only by the number of people who turned out to march in Paris against homosexual marriage, but that they state why it is evil. Young people in France have taken the initiative on spelling out on the evils of homosexuality and the destruction of the family. They have taken the initiative on explaining to their older countrymen why the policies they have created with regards to mass immigration from Moslem countries is evil.

Our young people could learn a great deal from them.

Not only are American conservatives silent about homosexual marriage laws, they are silent about homosexuality itself and all sexual immorality as well. In America, only silence.

Glenn Beck? Nada. Limbaugh. Nada.

I am done with them all.

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