“The best of Lawence Auster”: first installment

Some months ago I tentatively began a project, urged by my friends, to create at least one published collection of “the best of VFR.” It wasn’t possible for me to do it. But here, from the blogger Ideologee, is a small but terrific start: some samples of VFR on a varied and representative selection of topics. I enjoyed reading it very much (especially the anecdote of my encounter with an angry and threatening (but ultimately pacified) black woman on a New York City bus, and am very appreciative of Ideologee for having done this.

This small collection suggests much bigger possibilities. Perhaps it is through such pungent, easy-to-read selections of my writings that the VFR message could enter the mainstream consciousness.

Posted by Lawrence Auster at February 22, 2013 03:19 PM | Send

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