An election scenario

John G. writes:

Here’s my prediction of the election. Romney will win handily, with around 65 percent of a large white turnout (whites being 76-77 percent of the total vote). This alone will give him the popular vote, making the few votes he gets from nonwhites irrelevant. The movement to Romney of white voters in swing states who typically vote Democratic will be the game changer, balancing the increase in minority voters that overwhelmingly prefer Obama. In addition, New York, California, and even Illinois will be much closer than normal, also due to this change in white voting patterns.

When the election is called, around midnight, angry blacks will take to the streets. It probably won’t be a 1992 L.A.-style riot, but there will be property damage and “random” attacks on whites. The following day, the media will make a huge story of the dominance of white voting as a bloc, deciding the election, and overpowering the wishes of minorities. The usual suspects of Jackson, Farrakhan, Sharpton, et al. will incite further anger, with speeches about institutional racism, hidden racism, latent racism, the return of Jim Crow, how nothing has changed and whites simply hid their evil, racist true selves, but couldn’t contain it in the face of such a wonderful, powerful, brilliant President. All of this while low-level violence, but not full scale riots, continues against whites for days.

A lame duck Obama will get in on the act, not as blatantly as the race hustlers, but making the same point. He’ll continue to push policy changes and executive orders favoring blacks (such as the EO demanding equal levels of punishment), but more in the open. This time, the GOP controlled House will find its spine, and attempt to halt Obama’s legislation from the White House. Further charges of racism, as the GOP/Whites will be accused of “taking from blacks” by refusing to give them additional freebies that they have not earned.

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