Hundreds break into Georgia mall in middle of night to get sneakers

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Christmas with its uplifting and transformative spirit may be upon us, yet the world continues as before, and those of us who blog are on the job to report and provide commentary on it. Linked at Drudge and sent by readers is a segment from Fox News in Atlanta that I do not understand. A crowd of hundreds of people, all of them black, began lining up shortly after midnight at a shopping mall in Lithonia, Georgia in order to buy a sneaker called Air Jordans when the mall opened in the morning. But they couldn’t wait. At some point in the early morning, they broke doors open and rushed inside. There is footage of people running around madly within the broken-open mall.

Here is the video:

And that’s not all. Fox News says that similar incidents triggered by the desire for Air Jordans are going on all around the country. (From North Carolina to Michigan to the Bay Area to Seattle. Here is a list of the numerous stories posted at Drudge.)

The story does not explain why the demand for these sneakers was so great that it triggered this criminal mob behavior, not to mention the all-night waiting lines. But whatever the reason, one thing seems clear. As the American culture continues to disintegrate, African-Americans are losing the American part of themselves, such as it is, and are behaving more and more like pure Africans. Incidents of primitive mob behavior by blacks are now occurring virtually continuously across this country. But because it is prohibited in modern America to say critical things about blacks as blacks, this alarming phenomenon is not discussed. Its existence is not even acknowledged. Liberal society is simply incapable of recognizing, let alone coming to grips with, what is going on within it.

At the same time, a counter-truth to the official American truth is slowly if inchoately building up in our collective consciousness. It is that a large part of the black population are not our fellow citizens in any real sense, are not capable and deserving of bearing the same rights and responsibilities as ourselves, but exist on a whole different level, where different rules, different ideas of rights, different ways of governing human behavior, are appropriate. The liberal American ideal of a single citizenship equally embracing all people of all backgrounds is dead. It has died a thousand times in news stories and videos like this. But it will be a long time before Americans will be ready to grapple with that truth in the privacy of their own minds, let alone to state it explicitly and publicly. Indeed, the latter probably won’t happen until after the current American system has broken down.

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A reader writes:

Different levels of citizenship—that’s the answer. It’s the only way a multiracial society can instill sensitivity toward racial differences.

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