Weiner material getting more explicit

(UPDATE: Today’s NY Post has two stories on Weiner’s X-rated Facebook exchanges with the Las Vegas blackjack dealer, here and here. There’s very raw stuff here which was not included in the Radar Online article.)

From Radar Online, sent by a reader, here is the latest on Weiner It’s about another woman with whom he carried on an explicit Facebook conversation this past March. Since this is a family website, I won’t quote the exchange here.

But I’m laughing. To think of a congressman writing something like this. And was he unaware that electronic communications are forever? Where was the normal self-protection and caution that you would think would be operative here? For purposes of illustration, let’s imagine a fellow named X. Now, X has a similar impulse as Weiner—he wants to send an explicit message and engage in online sex talk with some woman he’s never met. But he realizes that the online conversation could eventually get out and he would be humiliated, ruined, etc. So he doesn’t send the dirty message, doesn’t get into an sexually explicit Facebook conversation.

Now why didn’t that same thought occur to Weiner and prevent him from engaging in this behavior, especially given the realities of the modern world where public men are getting in trouble about sex all the time, often at the hands of the women with whom they’ve engaged in illicit or adulterous sexual encounters? Just a year ago the world’s most prominent athlete was destroyed by his myriad ex-girlfriends who came forward and told the media about his affairs with them. I guess Weiner was too pre-occupied with his, uh, sex life to notice the fall of Tiger Woods.

At the bottom of the Radar Online article, there is a copy of the entire Facebook conversation between Weiner and the woman, with Weiner’s name next to each of his statements. So this married congressman with ambitions to be mayor of New York created an X-rated onscreen conversation that would exist forever, putting his entire career and future at the mercy of the woman—a woman he had never even met—with whom he had been having the conversation. She didn’t even have to tell the media anything. All she had to do was forward the Facebook page to them.

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Paul K. writes:

I think many of us repress thoughts that we ache to express and to have validated by the agreement of others. In Weiner’s case, those thoughts are childish sex fantasies that he wished to share with strange women. In my case, those thoughts are honest, non-PC opinions that I wish to share with people who can understand them and either validate or critique them. So I send them to you despite knowing that were my name to be publicized in connection with the opinions I have expressed, I would probably lose my job and suffer social ostracism. Like Weiner, I too am willing to run a risk in order to express my true self.

Charles T. writes:

I called Mr. Weiner’s office to leave a message with his staff letting him know that he should simply resign now and not drag this thing out any longer. Well, his voice inbox is full. He will resign soon.

JC from Houston writes:

I wonder if the fact that Weiner’s wife is a Muslim had something to do with it? Seems she lived in Saudi Arabia from age two until college years.

LA replies:

Personally I think it’s because of his wife’s name. I think whatever remaining grip on sanity Weiner had maintained was destroyed by having a wife named Huma.

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