The latest Bible

Brandon F. writes:

The newest Bible, the newest Adam and Eve.

LA replies:

What are they?

Black and white?

Adam and Steve?

Adam and Lassie?

- end of initial entry -

December 5

James P. writes:

The quote attached to the picture says,

“Adam and Eve, as seen in the illuminated manuscript of the new St. John’s Bible, where the biblical pair are depicted as Africans to reflect the geographic origins of human life.”

And of course, “Anthropology tells us that the origins of humans are found in Africa. So in the St. John’s Bible, Adam and Eve are depicted as Africans. The Wisdom books are represented by an elderly native American woman.” Blech!

Geez, why didn’t they just include a picture of this guy, the “first European”? After all, liberals are already worshiping him!

If liberals have to be Christians at all, their belief takes a debased, multi-cultural form.

Posted by Lawrence Auster at December 04, 2009 06:57 PM | Send

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