Excuse me for existing

This is the lead sentence of a story in today’s Daily Mail:

Police today admitted they were prepared to use plastic bullets against rioters if a fourth night of lawlessness sees gangs of youths marauding across London and looting businesses.

They ADMITTED that they were prepared to use plastic bullets? Meaning, they didn’t LOUDLY ANNOUNCE that they were prepared to use plastic bullets? Meaning, they were guilty about being prepared to use plastic bullets, and this information had to be forced out of them?

What a screwed up country Britain is.

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The blogger One Radical writes:

What’s particularly sad is, by saying “they admitted … ,” they are saying “we apologize.” You don’t admit to something you believe is right, only to something you think is wrong. This ties in correctly with what you said, but I’ll take it a step further; why didn’t they announce they were DEFINITELY going to use this force?

If they are issuing a preemptive apology for possibly using rubber bullets, what makes us believe they are prepared to use real bullets, real force if needed? I don’t think they are. They are scared to death of killing or injuring another black, which will add fuel to the fire, quite literally.

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