Apparently the pun has been around for a while (Google it and you’ll see), but I just encountered it for the first time in a Mark Steyn entry at the Corner and it made me laugh out loud.

So, what are the latest Warmergate revelations? Well, it seems Mitchell told Magruder to ask Erlichman to tell Krogh to destroy the tree-ring data … whoops, realities are colliding here….

Seriously, the climate warming scandal is really heating up … whoops, I’ll bet that one’s been used a thousand times. But seriously, as Steyn notes: “Surely the most worrying sign for the thuggish enforcers of ‘settled science’ is that even the eco-lefties at The Guardian and The Independent, two of the most gung-ho warm-mongers on the planet, are beginning to entertain doubts.” It seems warming honcho Philip Jones of the East Anglia Climate Research Unit and a Chinese-American colleague wrote a paper which discounted an alternative explanation—the “urban heat island effect”—for higher temperature readings, but when asked by climate skeptics for their original data, they no longer had them. Not the first time that original data on which basic warming claims were based were put in the paper shredder, or were thrown out by accident, or were lost, or whatever.

It’s quite incredible. Not only does the “science” of determining past global temperatures and predicting future global temperatures involve so many variables as to make its status as a science at least somewhat questionable even in the best of circumstances, but, on top of that, the leading scientists in the field are as sloppy and inattentive with their data as Obama’s counterterrorism agencies were in “connecting the dots” (or rather in not connecting the dots) on would-be Christmas Day bomber Abdul Mutallab. Everywhere we look today, gnostic fantasy worlds are collapsing before our eyes.

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