On the “Asian” vote

Robert R. writes:

No one has mentioned anywhere that I have seen that the “Asian” vote needs to be broken down into 3 categories: 1) Muslims, 2) Non-Muslim south Asians, and 3) Non-Muslim east Asians. I bet the numbers voting Democrat would be significantly different for these groups and significantly lower for the last group. Yet, when people see the word “Asian,” I suspect they think mainly of group three. I know I did at first.

LA replies:

Good point. I wonder if exit polls do that breakdown. Still, since the total of all three groups adds up to 74 percent voting for Obama, it doesn’t seem likely that any of the three groups are not strongly pro-Obama.
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November 8

Robert R. replies to LA:

This is true, but with Muslims probably voting 95 percent for Obama, depending on the relative sizes of the three groups, it could mean East Asians are far less left-leaning than we might think.

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