The Republicans’ distortion of Ronald Reagan’s position on amnesty

Brian R. writes:

Regarding Michael Reagan gassing that his father would have supported amnesty, according to published reports, President Reagan stated that signing the 1986 amnesty was the “biggest mistake” he had made. So now we are asked to believe that he would repeat the step he had declared was his worst mistake?

To all those Republicans switching to amnesty, I would say, as Reagan once did, “Go ahead, make my day!” Any RINO who votes for amnesty will never get another dollar or a vote from me. Between conservatives leaving the party and the millions of new Hispanic voters voting Democrat, the Republican Party will be finished. I will never vote for Marco Rubio, Paul Ryan, Rand Paul or any other sellout.

It is high time we had a new conservative party and let the Republican whores go the way of the Whigs.

LA replies:

I agree with all, except your remark about the Whigs, whom I must always defend from ahistorical and unfair comparisons with our treasonous contemporary Republicans. The Whig Party did not lie or betray its stated principles. Its members simply abandoned the party en masse for other parties when when the total focus of national politics switched to a highly contentious issue—the spread of slavery—on which the Whigs were unprepared to take a decisive position, but other parties, chiefly the Democrats (both Southern and Northern) and the newly formed Republicans, were. The Whig Party was devoted most of all to national unity and moral harmony, and thus it sought to downplay the slavery issue. The Whigs’ last great achievement was the Compromise of 1850. Then the Kansas-Nebraska Act of 1854 destroyed the Compromise by opening the new territories to slavery if their residents approved it by democratic vote. The conflict over the 1854 Act split the country into two irreconcilable factions and led ultimately to secession and civil war.

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