On the end of European America

A commenter at The Thinking Housewife provides the racial breakdown in the presidential election:


He continues:

This finding provides solid proof that the American electorate has functionally broken down into the “White Party” and the “Non-White Party,” although in all cases except with Blacks there are minor numbers in each block voting differently. Even if you refuse to believe this, despite all evidence, despite the fact that ALL of these racial groups save White are explicitly organized openly on the basis of race and ethnicity, even if you feel strongly that these votes are not primarily motivated by racial interest but by a rational weighing of the national interest, the result is the same: in the United States of America, European-American Whites’ decisions about leadership and policy are minority views.

Right-wing dissenters have been saying this was coming for years, but to say it out loud was to be called a racist. Of course, now that the long-awaited tipping point has arrived, it suddenly can be spoken aloud with glowing, slobbering praise. [cont.]

Posted by Lawrence Auster at November 07, 2012 09:32 PM | Send

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