Five year old Indian girl, dancing in aisle of her uncle’s London shop, is shot and paralyzed for life by three Afro-Caribbean thugs

In a bungled attempt to assassinate a member of a rival gang (or, as the British police and media have doubtless called it, an assassination gone wrong), the three chased their intended victim into the store and opened fire. The event is recounted in horrifying detail in The Daily Mail.

Thusha Kamaleswaran

Nathaniel%20Grant.jpg Kazeem%20Kolawole.jpg Anthony%20McCalla.jpg
Nathaniel Grant, Kazeem Kolawole, Anthony Calla

Think of the long hard climb we have undergone from savagery and barbarism up to civilization.

Liberalism is the reversal of all that.

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David P., who sent the item, writes:

Western policy is now dedicated to stripping money from our pockets by means of the scam of Climate Change/Global warming. Part of this haul is to fund the enormous population growth in Black Africa, under the excuse that Western industrialisation is the cause of Africa’s poverty. But the population growth continues to outstrip the aid. Thus we have millions of Africans moving to the West.

Sent March 26, posted March 28

Mike B. writes:

I tried posting this six times to the Daily Mail article and got censored all six times (you’re only allowed 1,000 characters, therefore the brevity):

Your country was lost a long time ago. Idiotic guilt-ridden leftists, wanting to show how “tolerant” and “non-racist” you were, allowed Africans and Muslims and every other 3rd world aliens into your once great country. What did you expect? 3rd worlders bring their 3rd world cultures with them. This has been going on for decades. White Britains who defend themselves from these hordes are thrown in jail, so as not to “offend” your precious savage minorities. They’ve ruined your country, along with the leftists who run your country.

Not that we’re much better. We have a black Muslim marxist, whose administration hates straight white males (that’s on the record btw). I feel badly for that little girl and all the other victims of these gangsta thugs. Just like here. There are thousands of black on white crimes which go unreported, but a brown guy kills a black guy and this place goes berserk.

And you can blame liberalism for ALL of it. Pathetic people. Pathetic countries.

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