Noonan calls for an immigration moratorium

The intensified opposition to illegal immigration sparked by President Bush’s mad open-borders scheme is evolving into opposition to legal immigration itself. Writing in the June 15 Opinion Journal, Peggy Noonan has to work her way through acres of sentiment about the wonders of immigration and her Irish immigrant grandparents to get there, but then she gets there:

We should close the border, pause, absorb what we have, and set ourselves to “patriating” the newcomers who are here. The young of AmeriCorps might help teach them English. Those reaching retirement age, who happen to be the last people in America who were taught and know American history, could help them learn the story of our country. We could, as a nation, set our minds to this.

That America’s own Songstress of the Open Border would speak this way signals a revolution in consciousness.

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Spencer Warren writes:

Noonan writes:

“…could help them learn the story of our country. We could, as a nation, set our minds to this.”

The problem is that the education establishment, including the authors of the textbooks, are controlled by the left and promote multiculturalism. Note how WWII is not taught in the schools. A teacher in Texas (!) told me principals regard teaching Pearl Harbor as “controversial” and often forbid it. A student in Virginia told me all they learn in high school about WWII is the internment of the Japanese (the critical view only) and the a-bomb (also critical). That’s why virtually no young people ever heard of the Doolittle raid, among one of countless examples. And why Eastwood’s traitorous, dishonest films about Iwo Jima received such a raptorous reception.

So Noonan is as hopelessly superficial as ever.

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