The growing menace of Islam

A reader writes:

Carol Gould’s article, telling how Muslims in Britain all refuse to join in the national tradition of wearing a poppy in the lead-up to Remembrance Day, was very interesting. But out of the many instances she gave citing the absence of participation in the infidel holiday, the most offensive thing to me is her encounter with a Moslem who repeatedly and aggressively demanded to know if she was Jewish. The image I got was of a Moslem encampment, off limits to non-Moslems on British soil (just like the numerous ones found in France), handed over to an occupying army, whose immigrant ranks keep swelling. Appeasement is the order of the day, not resistance. All this imagery makes one wonder how it will all end for Europe.

Andrew Bostom’s book is very disturbing in the way it shows instance after instance detailing what Europe is going through now and its eventual final destination. With the blood of millions of slaughtered, tortured, converted, exploited martyrs at the hands of Islam spilled, and documented for all to see, how is it possible that governments do not understand the lethality of Islam? Can it be because of a refusal to understand that the central creed of Islam is to convert the whole world and not to rest until that point? Of course judging from the way Moslems kill each other now, once the whole world is converted, the various branches of this satanic cult will proceed to fight themselves for power assuring a never-ending slaughter for as long as Islam exists.

On page 36 in The Legacy of Jihad, Bostom includes a chronicle of the forced mass conversion in Turkabad, Iran. The Moslems planned in advance to swoop down on the village while all the able bodied men were toiling in the field to harvest a crop. The Moslems surrounded them and terrorized them, while at the same time other Moslems seized the women and children in their homes. The result was the conversion of this village to Islam. The individual acts of violence committed against these Zoroastrians is not detailed, but I can bet that it was brutal and savage. And this is all part of what people like President Bush refer to as a “Great and Noble faith.”

Mass conversion by any of the methods taught time and again in Islam theology and law is what will happen just as soon as they are sufficiently positioned and strong enough to do so. This brings me back to my initial shock at reading that Miss Gould was not only in a Moslem no-go area, but that one asked her if she was a Jew. The intolerance and hatred by Moslems for everyone else is severely underestimated by creeps in power like the reprehensible Ken Livingstone, J. Chirac and the pathetic Gerhard Schroeder. They are the great destroyers of Europe aiding and enabling the erasure of the ancient cultures of Old Europe by the introduction of a hostile, unassimilable spreader of mayhem and death—Islam.

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