Britain—not getting better, getting worse

Remember the anguish frequently expressed in Britain about uncontrolled immigration? Remember the revelation about a year ago that the previous Labour government had vastly expanded non-Western immigration for the privately stated purpose of destroying Britain’s culture and ending conservatism? Remember David Cameron’s pledge to reduce immigration? You might have thought that all that noisy concern about excessive immigration and all those promises to do something about it would have resulted in, uh, some reduction of immigration. You would have been wrong. Leo McKinstry writes in The Express:

Our once unified country is in danger of becoming nothing more than a land mass filled with disparate peoples.

Despite the opposition of the vast majority of the British public the transformation of our society appears to be gathering pace.

In the year to March 2011 no fewer than 586,000 immigrants were granted entry, the vast majority from Asia and Africa. It was by far the highest total in our history, more than 10 times the average level of immigration in the Eighties….

According to figures released last week 203,600 British passports were dished out to immigrants, a 57 per cent increase on the figure for 2008. It is the same dismal story in other aspects of our porous immigration system.

Earlier this month a Parliamentary committee revealed that the Home Office had effectively granted an amnesty to 160,000 bogus refugees, allowing them to settle here permanently and claim benefits.

It just gets worse and worse. As I’ve been saying since 2006, Britain as a political society exhibits the characteristics of a dying or dead organism. It does not respond to threats to its existence or to attacks on its body. It just lies there, while its destroyers—the political class and the flood of immigrants—keep eating away at what remains.

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Paul Weston (see his recent article about one week in the death of Britain) writes:

Larry, I would like to know the percentage of people who understand the death of Britain, as compared to those who don’t.

We can only find out over the next decade. If a credible man with credible backing emerges, then England can be saved. The majority are on such a man’s side. It really is not difficult. What is unimaginable today will be common thought in ten years time. We are on the winning side of history simply because we are the majority, and the majority will do what majorities have always done when they finally realise the threat against them.

I know we write of the depressing “now,” but the near future really is ours.

Optimistically yours,


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