Norman P. on the Upper West Side

If I had known that Norman Podhoretz was going to be speaking Thursday evening at the Barnes & Noble at 82nd Street and Broadway I certainly would have attended, in order to pose to him the kind of real question he never gets asked and never answers. For example, I would have asked how he can go on supporting President Bush’s idea of spreading democracy in the Muslim world even after we’ve seen that it empowers jihadists. And I would have pointed out how he had evaded addressing the very point in his book, as I have explained here.

However, if I had known in advance how the event would turn out, as recounted by Peter Robinson at the Corner, I would not have gone. Podhoretz received a series of idiotic, hostile, insulting questions from Bush-hating leftists, until the evening dissolved into chaos.

And thus it ever is. Bush’s neocon supporters face only irrational, hate-filled opposition from the left, so they never have to deal with rational, critical questions from the left or the right. The left has made debate in America impossible.

Posted by Lawrence Auster at October 12, 2007 11:50 PM | Send

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