Barnhardt’s theory of Obama

Andrew E. writes:

I’m sure you’ve heard how Arizona Sheriff Arpaio has been investigating the authenticity of Obama’s birth certificate. Well, Ann Barnhardt, of Koran burning fame, has her own theory about Obama’s birth and the circumstances surrounding it. It is a great example of thinking outside the box. She also gives some information that I wasn’t aware of before which makes the overall theory more believable. She says it is known that Obama was passing multiple social security numbers as his own in D.C. while a United States Senator. Were you aware of this? How can that be possible? Ann Barnhardt does not permalink her blog entries so I’m just copying her blog address.

LA replies:

I agree that her theory (or rather speculative scenario) is original and worth reading. Even if it turns out to be entirely false, which it may well be, it represents an attempt to tie the mystery of Obama’s origins and early years into a coherent picture, which we haven’t had.

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LA writes:

I should have made clear that there are things in Barnhardt’s theory that I totally disbelieve and that I have previously expressed that disbelief in strong terms, e.g., that Obama was born in Kenya. Why then did I have an overall positive reaction to the theory? Because it was more than the sum of its parts. It put the parts together in a way that fit. That doesn’t mean it’s true. I don’t think it is true. But it’s an intelligent and audacious attempt to get at the truth, on a subject about which we don’t have the truth, and that makes it worth reading.

Paul Nachman writes:

I read her theory. It’s full of things I’ve never heard before that sound like facts but that would need to be confirmed, e.g. for an Indonesian adoption, the adoptee must be an Indonesian citizen. [LA replies: Right. She just asserts that, without backing it up at all.] Regarding multiple Social Security numbers, assuming it’s even possible to get a Social Security number from a person who probably doesn’t want you to have it, why would he be so stupid as to use more than one stolen number?

And then there’s the matter of all these people supposedly knowing the score. But nobody leaking it??

So … interesting, but still the only ground truth I can identify is that, after supposedly debunking the charges for a couple of years, they changed their tune and produced something when Trump made enough noise. So there’s a large nugget of bad faith right there, for sure.

Paul K. writes:

Considering the state of air travel in 1961, how likely is it that a very pregnant Stanley Ann Dunham would travel to Kenya to give birth to Obama? Wouldn’t a trip like that have been prohibitively expensive for her?

Steve Sailer, who has given the matter considerable thought, had this to say at VDare:

Has anybody advocating this actually looked at a globe and thought about what a trip from Honolulu to Nairobi would have been like on a first-generation jetliner in 1961? Hawaii and Kenya are on almost exact opposite sides of the world. The Boeing 707 had a range of only 3700 miles, so the outbound portion of their supposed trip would have looked something like this (assuming that Stanley Ann traveled with Barack Sr.):

A flight from Honolulu to the West Coast. Then a flight from the West Coast to the East Coast. Then from the East Coast to a refueling stop at Gander in Newfoundland. Then Gander to London. Then London to somewhere to the south (Cairo?). Then on to Nairobi in one or two more segments. (The Great Circle distance going the other way around the world is slightly less, but there would have been even fewer flights available.) They would have been in transit for, say, 100 hours each way. It would then have taken a day or two on buses to get to the Obama family farm near Lake Victoria.

Two round trip tickets for this ambitious expedition would have been prohibitively expensive for anyone, let alone two young students.

Barack Sr. only got from Kenya to Hawaii in the first place due to the famous Tom Mboya Airlift, an expensive Cold War project funded by Americans to woo the next generation of Kenya’s elites away from Soviet influence.

Not surprisingly, there’s little evidence that Obama Sr. ever went home to Kenya during his four years in America. It was just too expensive.

Andrew E. writes:

Here is a link to an undated article by Steve Baldwin from the Western Center for Journalism (never heard of it) which discusses Obama’s use of multiple social security numbers as well as other aspects of Obama’s history that are still a total mystery.

March 7

William A. writes:

Another angle on the President’s origins connects him to Chicago through Frank Marshall Davis. Suppose he was the child of Stanley Anne Dunham and Frank Marshall Davis. Since Davis was already married (to a white Chicago socialite), the Kenyan college student Barack Hussein Obama is enlisted to “marry” the mother and provide a veneer of legitimacy for the child. It is through Davis’s connections in Chicago that Obama has the wheels greased for him whenever it is needed. And that gained him a place at the table with the Ayres-Dohrn gang and the rest of his Chicago connections.

As you know, all of these theories arise because we know less about this President than any previous.

Elli writes:

There would be no need whatsoever for Mrs. Dunham to pull up the SS number of a dead person for her grandson. She had registered Obama’s birth—all she had to do was to apply for a valid SS number for him.

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