Three blacks kidnap woman, repeatedly rape her for five hours, in Philadelphia

(Note, Dec. 30, 7:50 p.m.: a source in the Philadelphia police has told a VFR reader that the victim is white; see below.)

We’re not told in the article whether the woman was white, but she most probably was. Which means that the media blacks out the fact of black-on-white rape.

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Daniel H. writes:

The photo of the bar — Rudy’s Tavern — in the Mail story shows a mural of an American flag on the outer wall. That indicates to me that the clientele of the bar are working class white. With little doubt, I say that the victim is white.

LA replies:

Good catch.

December 30

Nik S. writes:

“They allegedly stole her Coach purse, a wallet, a car stereo, a phone, a camera, a GPS, a ruby ring, a diamond necklace, a bracelet and her insurance and registration paperwork.”

That doesn’t sound like working class white to me. More like upper-class white.

Coach purse on sale for $279.

Mark A. writes:

I know a Philadelphia cop familiar with the case. The victim was white. From a wealthy area. What the hell she doing in a bar in Upper Darby, which is, in my opinion, a sewer of a neighborhood, I have no idea.

LA replies:

Has anyone seen a news story that says that the victim is white?

Mark A. replies:
I did a Google search and couldn’t find any mention of the victim’s race.

However, you’ll note that this news story mentions that the victim was from Newtown Square. I believe this fact is in the story because the cops told the reporter this. Her name isn’t public to my knowledge. And knowing cops from Upper Darby, I assure you it is NOT the police who won’t mention her race. The reporters are deliberately keeping quiet about this.

December 30, 11:43 p.m.

David B. writes, :

I just did a Google search and nothing has been published about the Philadelphia rape since December 28. Two stories said the suspects will have a “preliminary hearing” on December 31, which is tomorrow (Monday).

It may be an arraignment or a hearing. We’ll see if there is any new information, assuming the hearing is not postponed.

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