An unheard-of loss of support for a first year president

Todd White writes:

According to a Gallup report released yesterday, since Obama took office, his approval rating among whites has collapsed by 22 points (61 percent to 39 percent). Meanwhile, his approval rating has gone up one point among blacks (from 90 percent to 91 percent) and fallen only five points among Hispanics (from 75 percent to 70 percent).

So clearly my impression (and I think yours too) is being confirmed: If you peel through some of the polls (which usually still have Obama above 50 percent), you can see that Obama has actually lost a ton of support among the “Silent Majority” this year.

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Ray G. writes:

Yes, I think Obama has lost a large amount of support among Caucasian Americans. And it may make his re-election very iffy. Consider: Even though the percentage of whites in our country is about 64 percent (and dropping), whites make up about 75 percent of registered voters—three our of four voters are white, which of course means all a GOP candidate would have to do to defeat the Prophet Obama is to win a small percentage more of the white vote than McCain did in 2008. Very do-able.

In other words, a few percentage of the white vote is much more in raw numbers than a larger percentage of a minority vote (black, latino, etc.) But the Stupid Party keeps trying to woo blacks and latinos as if they are really ever going to win more than a token amount.

LA replies:

Well, it looks as though this has happened: While the GOP failed to follow Steve Sailer’s simple, logical advice, Obama saved the GOP by doing the the inverse of what the GOP failed to do. That is, instead of the GOP taking positions that would increase its white vote, thus leading to a GOP victory, the Obama has done things will lessen his white vote, thus leading to a GOP victory.

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