The rise of the Boor Conservatives

Andrew Breitbart’s partisan conservative websites have names like Big Government, Big Journalism, and Big Hollywood.

Unfortunately, many of Breitbart’s writers are so crude, unintelligent, and partisan that the sites might as well be called Boor Government, Boor Journalism, and Boor Hollywood.

As evidence, consider John Nolte at Boor Hollywood writing about the forthcoming movie about Margaret Thatcher starring Meryl Streep:

Here’s the photo [of Streep as Thatcher], which means we can expect yet another horribly self-conscious accent from the single most over-rated actress in the history of film.

Most overrated actress in the history of film? Another horribly self-conscious accent? Try to imagine the mental thickness required to say this about Streep as an unhappy aristocratic Danish writer living on a farm in Africa during the Great War, about Streep as an unsophisticated young woman working for a nuclear power plant in Oklahoma in the 1970s, about Streep as a strict old-fashioned nun running a Catholic school in Boston in the early 1960s, about Streep…

Here’s the thought process of the Boor Conservative. If an actress, or the movie she is appearing in, is liberal, then there is nothing worthwhile about her. Everything about her must be denigrated. Streep’s wonderful talent for inhabiting an amazing variety of characters from different times and places and with different accents is not something to admire, but to sneer at. The Boor Conservative is incapable of recognizing great talent, or any kind of greatness. All he can see, all he cares about, is our team versus the other team.

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Joseph A. writes:

Thank you for your commentary about the Boor Conservatives. We ought not to ape the Left, where everything is reduced to ideological warfare. I think that Streep is a great actress, and I hope that the movie will depict Thatcher fairly. I must say that I was shocked when I looked at the picture—Streep looks remarkably like the Iron Lady.

Richard P. writes:

What truly amazes about Meryl Streep’s talent is that she so thoroughly inhabits her roles that you don’t notice her. She becomes the person she portrays. I recently saw her in “Julie & Julia,” and then saw an old episode of Julia Child’s TV show a few hours later. It took a few moments for my brain to register that Julia Child was in fact Julia Child. Streep’s portrayal had registered in my mind as the actual Julia Child.

By the way, “Julie & Julia” is a wonderful movie if you fast forward through the wretched “Julie” parts.

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