How could Abercrombie have regularly seen the three Obamas together as a family, since Stanley Ann moved to Seattle with her son two weeks after his birth?

Last week I said that Hawaii’s septuagenarian hippie governor Neil Abercrombie was a fool who didn’t know what he was getting into. When he announced his intention of discrediting the birthers by getting Obama’s birth certificate released, he didn’t seem to realize that Obama himself has kept the birth certificate concealed, and therefore must have a good reason not to want to the world to see it. I predicted that the White House would soon be contacting Abercrombie telling him to drop his little crusade, and that the Abercrombie story would soon vanish from the media.

Today at American Thinker Jack Cashill makes the same point, along with other intriguing points:

Abercrombie’s boasts about his relationship with the president’s presumed parents, Barack Obama, Sr. and [Stanley] Ann Dunham, have got to unnerve the president and his close advisors. They know something the media perversely choose not to know: Abercrombie is remembering a past that never happened….

“Little Barry, that’s what we called him,” Abercrombie told the Chicago Tribune while “recalling his days with Obama Sr. and his future wife, [Stanley] Ann Dunham, at the University of Hawaii.” If Obama were born on August 4, 1961, however, there could not have been many such days.

As is thoroughly documented, Ann and little Barry were in Seattle two weeks later, where she enrolled at the University of Washington. By the time she returned to Hawaii in late summer or fall 1962, Barack Sr. had left for Harvard for good….

From the beginning, [Obama and his operatives] worked hard to protect the investment [in the story of the relationship between Barack Sr. and Stanley Ann, upon which Barack Jr. founded his own political identity in his memoir and in numerous speeches ] and did what they had to do to keep the storytellers in line.

Abercrombie may not have gotten the memo. Although the president was likely born in the United States, he may not have been born in Hawaii, he may not have been born in August 1961, he may not have been the son of Barack Sr., or he may have simply been listed as “white” on his birth certificate.

The truth is that the storied little family never lived together. Any fact that blew the storyline could have derailed Obama’s candidacy before it got going. Expect the Abercrombie fuss to just sort of fade away.

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Kilroy M. writes:

The fish I smell here isn’t the missing Birth Certificate. Rather, why, if such a Certificate would be incriminating, its has not been replaced with a crafty forgery? After all, with the weight of a compliant media and sympathetic political/cultural establishment, and considering the fraudsters and crims Obama and his ilk have encountered along the way into the political mainstream, the production of such a document would be a rather trivial affair. The risk and efforts would surely be smaller than having to deal with the shenanigans of the status quo. No?

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