Wife accused in murder of Fontainbleau heir

Reported at USA Today:

Remember the murder mystery case of millionaire Fontainebleau Hotel heir Ben Novack Jr., 52, who was shockingly bludgeoned to death in his room at the Rye Town Hilton almost a year ago?

Yesterday, federal prosecutors announced the indictment of four people in the violent July 12, 2009 murder—including Novack’s own wife, Narcy Novack, and her brother—saying they had plotted the attack.

According to the Miami Herald’s review of the federal indictment, Novack’s wife—whose real name is Narcisa Cira Veliz Pacheco Novack—is accused of plotting the murder with her brother, Christobal Veliz, and three others: Denis Ramirez, the suspected driver, and two others identified as the killers—Joel Gonzalez and an unidentified cooperating witness.

VFR readers will probably think that here is yet another example of the murder of a white American by an Hispanic immigrant. However, because of my familiarity with the cable TV programs Snapped and Forensic Files, I know how stunningly common are the brutal coldblooded murders of their spouses by middle-class and seemingly normal white people for monetary motives and other reasons of pure convenience. So my first thought about this story is that it is not about immigration or race, but about the nihilistic denial of objective morality, and the resulting soulless selfishness, that are increasingly common and virulent features of modern, liberal society. What do both modernity and liberalism tells us? That there is no higher truth, that the human self and its desires are the highest or only reality.

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Matthew H. writes:

I agree with your evaluation of this murder as an outcome of the widespread nihilism and “soulless selfishness” in our society.

Ben Novack strikes me as a male version of the young women who blithely parade around anywhere, any time, while dressed in a way that is sure to attract the wrong kind of attention. Novack’s “wife” was a stripper who, we can assume, was good in bed. His delusion was that his money and position could buy him a hot sex life with no risk.


It would seem to be a case of a rich fool who whose motto is, “If it feels good, do it.” So he marries a slut whom even the slightest amount of due diligence, if not one glance, would surely have revealed to be a bad apple.

Sadly, men like this are legion in this generation, with their Hawaiian shirts and their “Margaritaville” dreams in which, for those who can afford it, life is one long MTV spring break. For the less fortunate, this mind-set can have even grimmer consequences, not least for the children born into their parents’ sex, dope and partytime fantasy-world. Such are the fruits of the “lifestyle revolution” we have enjoyed since the 1960s.

LA replies:

They’re an odd couple: he’s an easy going, hippie or flower shirt type, boyish and naive, with a “natural” look, while she’s artificial and a bit strained looking, is not particularly attractive, has breast implants, and is clearly older than he. Since he was rich and reasonably good looking you would think he could have found someone a bit higher on the Game scale, so to speak.

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