Things looking better

A. Zarkov writes:

Politico has a succinct article on the forces operating both for and against the passage of Obamacare in the House. Reading this made me feel better. In particular, polling in swing districts indicate 60 percent of those polled will vote for the candidate who opts to scuttle the bill and start over. This means we have to keep calling, emailing, faxing and pounding on the key members of the House who might vote “no” with enough prodding.

Now if Obama can’t get the House to vote with him by the end of the week, what’s his next step? Will he cancel his trip, or stay and fight? If he chooses to stay, then what more can he do? I suspect something quite extreme. If he stays he will go for broke. But he doesn’t understand “broke.”

Posted by Lawrence Auster at March 16, 2010 02:22 PM | Send

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