The more accommodating to its enemies Israel becomes, the more the world calls it an oppressor

While much of the world including the Western world is indulging in demented fury against Israel for at long last defending itself, the reality is that Israel’s action against Hamas is not serious, as indicated by Israel’s announcement of the ground incursion into Gaza. A spokeswoman for the IDF said on TV:

“This is the second stage of our operation against Hamas infrastructure. It is to control the launch sites responsible for launching thousands of rockets at civilians in Israel.”

To control launch sites? To control launch sites?

Not to destroy Hamas launch sites? Not to destroy Hamas? But only to control Hamas launch sites?

So, big deal. Israel will degrade Hamas’s capabilities, and kill some Hamas people, and lose some Israeli soldiers, then withdraw its forces back to Israel proper, and then things will return to the way they were, until renewed Hamas rocket attacks again become “unbearable,” and the whole thing starts all over, and the world once again demonizes Israel as a Nazi-like power when in reality it is behaving like a pathetic wimp.

Who allowed Hamas to run candidates in the Palestinian election? Israel. Who allowed Hamas to drive Fatah out of Gaza and become the dominant faction there? Israel. Who withdrew from Gaza, thus allowing Hamas to take it over completely? Israel. Who did nothing for the next three years while Hamas continually fired mortars and rockets into Israel? Israel.

This current military action has been made necessary by, and is the result of, Israel’s cowardly policy of appeasement. Yet so insane are people that they see Israel as an inhuman oppressor, an enemy of humanity.

In Genesis 12, God says:

And I will bless them that bless thee, and curse him that curseth thee; and in thee shall all the families of the earth be blessed.

If God’s promise to Abraham is true, and experience has borne it out time and again, then the evil hatred of Israel that has spread through the West will be a curse on the West.

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Ben W. writes:

“If God’s promise to Abraham is true, and experience has borne it out time and again, then the evil hatred of Israel that has spread through the West will be a curse on the West.”

Hasn’t this already begun? Isn’t the hatred of Israel in reality a hatred of Western civilization and the Judeo-Christian ethic? Haven’t we already begun paying for this hatred? Israel and Western civilization, Judaism and Christianity, Old and New Testaments are intimately intertwined. The day liberalism became the dominant ideology in the West was the day Israel became hated.

Hannon writes:

I’ve just watched two BBC segments online, one on Israel’s most recent actions in Gaza and the other on a major government victory against the Tamil Tigers in Sri Lanka. It’s just incredible how the tone and dialogue of the “reporters” is entirely sympathetic to the terrorists. There is a peculiar muted feel to these productions, as if some essential element is missing. Reason is there, also rational intelligence, but nothing more.

Their careful body language and delicate voice inflection invoke not only sympathy, which would not be altogether unreasonable, but an insistence that the dignity, the very humanity of these adversaries is under assault. Not a whimper that anything good comes of subduing terrorist enemies. Who could guess that! It is sickening and disturbing—and to think, people watch hours of this garbage every day.

What they are really saying to the audience is that there is no enemy (a wrong or evil side) and we must achieve the aims of universalism and tolerance to achieve everlasting peace.

LA replies:

The BBC is the single most evil thing in the West. It is pure evil, seen in the inhuman coldness of the reporters and news readers toward America, toward Israel, toward Britain, toward the West itself, toward anything decent, which you point to. It is like the last Canto of The Inferno, where Satan freezes at the lowest level of Hell, his punishment the reflection of his own absolute coldness toward God and the good.

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