Man murders, half-decapitates girlfriend in Lower East Side apartment

As I have pointed out before, the surest way for a white female radically to reduce her life expectancy is to become sexually involved with a black man. But because the racial component of interracial murders is never explicitly stated in the American and British media, and, even if it were, no one in the racially inclusive West, least of all their liberal parents, would ever dream of warning young white women of the danger they put themselves in when they reach out to a man of color, young white women remain oblivious of racial reality, and the killings continue. The latest took place early yesterday morning in New York City’s Lower East Side. As is usually the case, the only reason we know of the racial dimension of the crime is that the newspaper story features photos of the victim and the killer. The text itself, of course, does not mention race.

From the New York Daily News:

Woman stabbed to death in Lower East Side was nearly decapitated: ‘Her neck was cut all the way’

Sarah%20Coit.jpg Raul%20Barrera.jpg
Sarah Coit and Raul Barrera

A dazzling blond former Hunter College student was fatally stabbed and nearly decapitated Sunday after battling with her live-in boyfriend, cops said.

The yelling between Sarah Coit, 23, and Raul Barrera, 33, inside their third-floor lower East Side apartment grew so loud that it woke neighbors around 2:15 a.m., witnesses said.

Cops would later find Coit on the living room floor of the Clinton St. flat, blood spilling from her wounds.

“Her whole neck was cut all the way,” said Briana Andalore, 20, who lives downstairs and saw the victim being hauled away on a stretcher. “Her head was almost cut off.” [LA replies: It seems unlikely that the neighbor would have seen this. Don’t the police cover the body and head of the deceased when carrying her away? UPDATE: As is made more clear in the New York Times’ coverage of the murder, the victim was still alive when she was being carried out of the apartment. Which is hard to reconcilie with the statements that her head was almost cut off.]

Coit, who worked sales at Lacoste, sources said, and last enrolled at Hunter a year ago, according to the school, died at Beth Israel Medical Center about an hour later.

The roars of the couple’s fighting—which sources said was about the pair splitting up—echoed throughout their apartment walls for about 20 minutes, neighbors said.

Jason Figueroa, 15, who lives just above the couple’s apartment, said he heard arguing and then what sounded like Coit being attacked.

He called cops.

“She was like, ‘Stop! Get off of me!’” said the shaken teen.

“She was yelling and then she just got quiet,” he said, “That’s when I called 911.”

Several others tried to answer Coit’s bloodcurdling cries, but to no avail.

“She was screaming,” said Joost Bohner, 33, a tourist from Holland staying next-door.

“People tried to help her,” he said. “Then it was quiet.”

Police sources said cops found Coit with several stab wounds to her body—and her neck sliced open.

Barrera, who was arrested last year for allegedly assaulting a man, turned himself in at the 9th Precinct stationhouse in the East Village soon after the grisly murder when a relative urged him to go to the police, sources said.

He was then taken to the 7th Precinct stationhouse, where he was charged with second-degree murder.

Barrera, wearing a light-colored jumpsuit, showed no emotion and said nothing to reporters as he was walked out of the stationhouse. He was still awaiting arraignment last night.

Neighbors said they had heard the couple argue before, but never so loud. Police said they had not been called to the address before yesterday.

A family friend in Coit’s ritzy hometown of Riverside, Conn., near Greenwich, said she was heartbroken for the family.

“[Coit] was their only daughter,” said the woman, who did not want to give her name.

“She was a great young woman,” she said. “They are wonderful people.”

Records show Coit’s father, Lynde Coit, is a prominent financial adviser. He and his wife, Anne Taylor, could not be reached for comment.

One of Coit’s two brothers, Stephen, declined to speak when contacted by the Daily News.

According to Coit’s LinkedIn profile, she was studying for a career in marketing and advertising.

Barrera worked in public relations for companies such as Propaganda NY and Coleman Entertainment Group.

Derek Guadalupe, the superintendent of Coit’s former home on the upper East Side, said the young beauty was always busy with her schoolwork.

“She was a nice kid,” he said. “It’s a shame what happened. It’s sad. She had a future ahead of her.”

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Irv P. writes:

For the past 30 years, every time I see a white girl with a black or Hispanic guy, I ask myself, “There aren’t enough white guys to choose from?” No, these girls have to give us all a lesson in tolerance and love. They show us by example what openness will do for our corrupt world. If only we’d all be like them, the world would be a better place. We could change the world…. one relationship at a time.

Then they end up on the coroners slab … time and time again. DIVERSITY IS OUR STRENGTH!

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