Who’s the empty suit?

JC from Houston writes:

This is in reference to your description of Romney as a “nothing” and a “vacancy” who cannot defeat Obama. According to Rasmussen and Gallup, Obama is back to a 49-plus percent approval rating. And what does Romney do? He said this morning that he wants to keep certain parts of Obamacare that he likes.

My sister was at a local political event with Texas GOP U.S. Senate candidate Ted Cruz, who declared that he wanted to repeal Obamacare from top to bottom. She told me that she had a chance to speak briefly with Mr. Cruz and when she informed him of Romney’s remarks, Cruz just shook his head and looked at the ground.

Romney and Ryan speak only of our economic problems being the result of “a failure of leadership” and “failed policies.” It’s almost surreal. Obama has done exactly what he intended to do. I have yet to hear Romney go on the attack and explain the coming catastrophe that is Obamacare. I’ve heard no references to Obama’s lawless refusal to enforce our immigration laws, nothing about Obama’s embrace of the farce that is gay marriage. All the Romney campaign does is make promises to create millions of jobs. At this point I increasingly believe that Obama will be reelected. The empty suit in this campaign appears to be the GOP nominee.

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NG writes:

Romney is embarrassed to be a Republican and afraid of defeating the First Black President:

Romney: Clinton did ‘elevate’ Democratic convention

Romney says he likes some parts of Obamacare

Romney silent as millions line up for amnesty

September 10

Jessica K. writes:

Well, of course Romney’s getting ever more comfortable with Obamacare. That he’s this brazen about it before the election should clue in the GOP boosters as to what his actual governing policies would be, but they see nothing, and they hear nothing. I keep bringing this up, but two Romney advisors, one of which was the moronic Norm Coleman, mentioned on two separate occasions that there’s no plan to repeal Obamacare. Obviously, there were strenuous denials at Romney HQ, and the usual “quoted out of context” excuses were rolled out. Their ever-loyal voters aren’t supposed to find out until after Mitt is sworn in. What the base doesn’t understand is that major corporations are already investing huge sums and restructuring themselves to accommodate Obama’s behemoth. Nothing in a two-party, corporate-approved political system is going to stop it, not until they’ve seen their profits.

Perhaps it’s also part of the grand Republican strategy. See, if the GOP appropriates the positions of the left, the Democrats won’t have a leg to stand on, will they? They should name it the Tory Initiative, after those brave, forward-looking trailblazers who led the way.

By the way, now that Obama’s poll numbers have risen, I suppose we’ll once again have to endure ecstatic ululations from the usual suspects as the President experiences an unprecedented tumble down to 43 percent. I should stop following politics so closely, ignorance really is bliss.

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