Here is our future—forever—unless we renounce liberalism

Paul Nachman writes:

This photo of a TSA worker could be recaptioned, “Next! Bend over…”

TSA officer Robert Howard at a security check-point
at Seattle-Tacoma International Airport, Jan. 4, 2010

LA writes:

Mr. Nachman is referring to the likelihood that the next method of the Islamic terrorists will be to hide explosives inside their anal cavity, as happened recently in an assasination attempt against a Saudi prince; which, in keeping with the Richard Reid Principle (Reid had explosives in his shoe, therefore all of us must take off our shoes in airports in perpetuity), will require all of us to have our anal cavity searched in airports in perpetuity.

I repeat what I have said before: if there were virtually no Muslims residing among us and traveling in our country, as was the case until 40 years ago, the constant threat of Islamic terrorism would not exist and the need for humiliating and demoralizing security measures to fend it off would not exist. All of this absurd nightmare is due to the fact that Muslims now reside in the West in significant numbers. Without believing Muslims among us, there would be no Muslim sharia proponents, no Muslim jihadists, and no Muslim terrorists among us. Yet—because of the liberal belief, accepted by virtually all people in our society, that we must never make any negative generalizations about a nonwhite or non-Western group, no matter how unassimilable or dangerous it may be—no one ever notices this screamingly obvious fact.

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Karl D. writes:

In my perfect world, Islam would be universally discredited and disappear forever. Until then I think the best idea is to halt and reverse all Muslim immigration. Still highly unlikely as of this time. What about putting entire Muslim countries on “No fly lists” as a pre-cursor to the halting of immigration? Or how about putting certain European countries such as the UK on no fly lists as well, until they get serious? I was discussing the previous scenarios with a friend the other day and its ensuing fallout. We thought it would be win win in the long run for everyone involved. Two things could possibly happen. Muslim countries could go berserk and try to wage some type of war against us. As much as that is possible. Quite likely, at least for a short time. Or, after finding themselves totally isolated both culturally and economically (for years) and after some wholesale tribal killing of each other, there might actually be some soul searching, and possibly an Islamic reformation. A reformation that was forced upon them. What do you think? Is Islam even capable of a reformation?

LA replies:

On your last question, I’ve argued that an added benefit of isolating and quarantining the Muslim world it that is might shock them into reform, and this would be great, but it is not within our power to make it happen, and therefore our own policy should not be in any way premised on the hope or expectation of Islamic reform. We have to do what we have to do in our own defense—a position radically different from that of the pathetic neocons who say that our survival depends on Islam reforming itself.

You also imply a good point that you don’t state. Of course the radical solution I propose is not about to happen any time soon. What then is the best practical course of action in the meantime? Profiling, both ethnic/religious AND behavioral. Plus an expansion of the sort of restrictions Obama has put in effect for 13 Muslim countries—required searches of each passenger. For which he gets credit.

January 10

Rick U. writes:

Karl D. asks:

What do you think? Is Islam even capable of a reformation?

Everything I have read about Islam seems to indicate that it is incapable of internal reform because the system itself is set up as a default of truth. Since the Quran is the word of Allah it can’t be questioned, and that further the practice of Islam is nothing more than a recitation of various rituals and chants. There is no search for ‘truth’ by any system of logic that we understand in the West. The truth is given, no debate is contemplated, the penalty is violence and death.

I suspect that this is why apostasy is punishable by death in Islam because once Western thought is applied to the Quran, Haddiths and Suras it becomes a sort of cancer that would bring the entire system down. Thus, the early Caliphates realized that Jews and Christians (perhaps even pagans) in their midst would be using logic to question the various verses found in books of Islam, and that the system could not stand the scrutiny of such inquiries. So, they simply killed them or made them dhimmis if they would submit. This is the default mode of all totalitarian ideologies: No???

The larger question is: Why hasn’t Islam already reformed itself? After all, it has had some 1400 years in which to do so.

Paul Mulshine writes:

By the way, the other day I wrote about the fact that in 1968, when I first flew to California to go to college, there were no screening requirements at all.

I attributed this to the fact we were not involved in the Mideast. In fact, my memory now tells me that RFK was shot earlier this year by Sirhan Sirhan, who was upset about the decision to sell 50 Phantoms to Israel.

LA replies:

You attributed Sirhan’s murder of Bobby Kennedy to U.S. support for Israel, rather than to the fact that the U.S. had allowed the Muslim enemies of Israel and of the entire West to immigrate into America. With respect, I think your analysis was wrong.

Ferg writes:

Today at lunch with a bunch of fellow pilots we got talking about airspace use. I am retired now and have not flown as a pilot since before 9/11. One of our group who flies regularly in the metro area and is a retired LEO was detailing all the places you are no longer able to fly over in the Twin City area. I listened with growing disbelief as he detailed the buildings, shopping malls, sports stadiums, etc. that are no fly zones below certain altitudes within 1000 yards of horizontal range. I used to teach flying in this area and the only place you couldn’t go was the Terminal Control Area for the main airport. From what he said today it is now very difficult to fly around the metro area without violating some restricted airspace.

He also stated that in order to fly into Washington, D.C. or the immediate area around it you must first have passed a special written test, and have a log book entry stating that you passed it before you can fly into the area, or rent an aircraft in it. He said it has adversely affected flight operations businesses in the D.C. area. His last trip out there he was unable to rent an airplane because of this rule. All of this, all of it, is because of the Islamic threat to our country.

I am sickened by this additional restriction upon our daily lives and our livelihoods. There is just no reason we should be putting up with this. From what he said today, I would not enjoy flying now the way I once did.

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