Black youth mob suddenly surrounds, knocks unconscious, and continues beating young white man in Minnesota college town

Ferg writes:

This happened in St. Cloud, a smaller city about an hour northwest of Minneapolis. It is a college town and my grandniece and her older brother were students at the college there, St. Cloud State. The Justin mentioned at the end is Kait’s older brother. My sister wrote the report. The boy Josh who was injured is my oldest grandniece Kait’s fiance. They are to be married in July.

Hard to believe this kind of racial violence has spread to a smallish college town in Northern Minnesota. It is still open how far Josh has to go in his recovery. I so hope he is not seriously injured. This is the second racial violence to happen to my family in the past two years. There is nowhere left in this country where this doesn’t happen, it seems. I thought I had left it behind in California when I came back here in 1992, but I guess it caught up with me.

My sister writes:

Over the weekend, Kait’s Josh and his friend Tyler went to walk their puppy dogs across the street from where they are living in St. Cloud.

Lily, the beagle that Josh and Kait have, ran from Josh’s hands and he ran after her. Twenty-five to 30 black kids about 14 or 15 years old circled him and started to fight him. Josh did not want to fight back because they were so young. One of the bigger guys behind Josh hit him on the head with either a bat or a big piece of wood. That knocked him out and they continued to beat on him. Tyler saw and heard what was happening and ran into the group and powerfully kicked the guy with the bat in the balls and then took on a couple of the kids. A young Arab man who was at the edge of the group where Kaitlin had come called the police and said he had a small knife and said he would go in there and try to stop them. Kait said no but to help her find her dog——one of the black girls had threatened to slit Lily’s throat. Lily was finally found, Josh finally came to, the police came, and things began to settle down. Josh was taken to the hospital with a cut on the back of his head and swollen temples. They did a CT scan on him because of the swelling. They were afraid he was bleeding into his temples. He wasn’t, but he had a concussion and was very confused for awhile. They let him go home with Kait. Lily, who was shaking for over an hour, slept on or near Josh’s head and licked his wound. Justin was in the cities thank goodness. He probably would have killed someone.

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Robert B. writes:

My wife’s family comprises two of the three most prominent families in St. Cloud. There is a reason why those virulent blacks live in St. Cloud. They were imported in the early ’90s—literally.

The local county government got a Clinton era grant from HUD to build “low income housing.” When it was completed, no one local would move into it, So, they advertised it—as far away as Chicago. It took two years to fill it, but in the process the local sheriff’s office had to add on six more deputies just to police it!

Since then, Tyson foods have brought in illegals in the areas around St. Cloud and Somalis have been shipped in as well. What was once a very orderly society of almost exclusively German Catholics (most of whom had ancestors who had moved into the area in the 1830/s-1840s) is now diversified—and has the attendant crime to go with it.

James P. writes:

The politically conscious folk in St. Cloud are not concerned about black mobs beating white people, oh my word no. They are rallying to support “diversity and tolerance”, because apparently three men beat up another man because he was gay. This rally attracted a hundred ardent young white liberals (see the photo in the story), who needless to say would never in a million years have rallied for anything so repulsive as an end to black-on-white crime.

Ariel Hakala, 22, joined her roommate Veronica Mora, 20, and their friend Katie Carter, 21, at the rally. The women said the rally helped show that everyone is affected by hate.

But you see, nobody is affected by black mobs attacking white people … I mean, by random incidents involving urban youths … so there’s no need for a rally about that, no sir.

June 3

Dan R. writes:

It’s been awhile since I’ve written, being preoccupied with other matters but still reading VFR daily. We lived in St. Cloud from 1991-95 and the black presence was indeed small—so much so that a radical black professor at the university would regularly refer to the city as “White Cloud.”

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