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I think we all get it. We know Gingrich is flawed and might still have foot-in-mouth syndrome. The question IMO conservatives are asking is who has the brains and the drive to push out 0bama and his radical leftist policies and bring us back to a more conservative government. If it’s a question between Romney and Gingrich at the moment, we can see that these beltway conservatives aren’t framing the question that way at all.

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James N. writes:

I don’t mean to be a pest about my man Newt, but the Lucianne poster expressed my feelings well.

The establishment crowd believes (and they may be right) that a candidacy structured around tearing down Obama in the eyes of (mostly white) voters would be bad for the country and bad for them personally. This is the latest iteration of, “Whatever you do, don’t do ANYTHING to stir up a right-wing reaction.” We have seen this over and over and over, both before and especially after 9/11.

The Gingrichites (myself included) believe two things, even accepting the basic argument that a “four year old looking for a cookie” is a poor choice for President:

1. Obama will win reelection UNLESS the white “independent” and white working class voters change their minds about who he is and what he’s trying to do;

2. Mitt Romney is constitutionally unable to make that case in an effective way, while Newt Gingrich is and will.

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