Why the Middle East will never escape its poverty and backwardness

Mark Jaws writes:

Boiled down to its simplest causes, the Middle East will forever be a hell hole for two reasons. First, low IQ prevails and the tremendously growing population does not have the cumulative smarts to provide jobs for itself. I would estimate that at least two thirds of the Middle Eastern population owes its very existence to Western medicine and life-saving technologies. At least our population in Europe and America grew tremendously in the 19th century ONLY AFTER we had lifted the veil off of many of Nature’s secrets. Not so with these Middle Easterners. They have had the tremendous population growth WITHOUT any self-generated gains in knowledge or socio-political evolution. Their wealth and their health are all dependent on us. Second, there is Islam, which, as Geert Wilders so eloquently stated, deprives its adherents of freedom and creativity.

As a result of low IQ and Islam, which I think often go hand in hand, the sharia-mongering portion of the Middle Eastern population must be viewed as nothing more than weeds threatening the very existence of our vegetable garden.

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Jim C. writes:

Indeed, and let’s not forget that low-IQ people are drawn to Islam: see the Black Muslims.

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