Is this the GOP National Convention, or the Gyneocracy National Convention?

Here is the Thinking Housewife on Ann Romney’s meretricious speech last night:

THE out-sized ego of the American woman, which is like a bobbing inflatable on the political landscape, received major injections of hot air last night at the Republican Convention in Tampa. Ann Romney is beautiful and bright. But her speech—before the bank of hypnotizing, Orwellian screens onstage—was so much sugary pablum. Mrs. Romney’s answer to the hostility so many liberal women feel toward her is to tell them how heroic they are. Imagine a man taking the convention floor and saying, “We love you, men!” or telling the assembled that the hard-working men (in contrast to women) are the “best of America.” [cont.]

In the same vein, Kidist Paulos Asrat at Camera Lucida posts a sickening collage of the full-of-herself, red-dressed Mrs. Romney with her nervous, insecure looking husband, and comments:

Ann is a mixture of the exalted female, the hen-pecking wife (at a public, national convention!), an over-emotional presenter, the overwhelming wife ready to hug some sense into her husband, and the demure and pretty housewife.

Mitt isn’t any better. Clutching at his wife in a prolonged hug is embarrassing for a world leader, and he seems to have a slightly apprehensive look when next to his wife, as though he doesn’t know what she’ll do next. Holding hands has now become standard for politicians and their wives, but this is again a degradation of a public political event, where husbands clutch at their wives’ hands at any occasion. [cont.]

Speaking of the gyneocracy (a.k.a. Female-Run America), see the exciting 2006 thread, “Thoughts on gyneocracy and liberalism.”

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