Blacks and the British riots

Julian C. writes:

I recently came across this blog which has analysed data released by the Ministry of Justice concerning the recent UK riots. The author notes that inequality and unemployment was overplayed as a contributing factor by the media:

Very short summary:

1. Black people are heavily overrepresented in all riots but one (Salford, 1.7 percent of arrests).

2. Over 50 percent arrested are black in all London riots (up to 82 percent black, 10 percent white in Lambeth).

3. All but two London areas (both central) with above average black population rioted.

4. Poor and uneducated non-black areas did not riot or had small riots.

5. Older black people are more likely to riot than whites of any age, incl. youths.

6. Whites aged 10-17 are not overrepresented, blacks aged 10-17 are—heavily.

7. Black Londoners are 2.87 times as unemployed as whites, but 9.65 times more likely to riot.

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