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I’m in continual pain and discomfort in the abdomen and maybe I should enter a hospital. According to a CT scan this past week, there is—contrary to what my doctors and I had believed—no recent spread of the cancer, which is very good news (though of course the tumors could start growing again any time). Therefore a further spread of the existing cancer is not the cause of the intestinal misery I’ve been going through for the last three weeks. But the doctors still don’t know what the cause is. The only theory at the moment is that the non-functioning of the intestine and the severe constipation and the accompanying pain, discomfort, and sickness are caused by scar tissue from past cancer tumors that were killed by chemotherapy. The scar tissue builds up on the outside of the intestine and stiffens the intestine preventing it from working properly and moving things along. Another possibility is that there is a semi blockage, not a complete blockage, of the intestine (I forget the name for this problem), and this would require surgery.

But those are just theories. I’m seeing another G.I. person on Monday. But I don’t know if I should wait for that. But if I check into the hospital, will the problem be solved any sooner? If I could just rest comfortably (which I’m doing now, at 7:35 p.m.), I would rather remain at home for the time being.

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Lisa F. writes:

Dear Mr. Auster: Thank you for the update; it is very important to all of us that read your blog, The good news of the cancer not spreading is welcomed but I am so sorry for your unbearable pain. If going to the hospital will ease your pain, then go, but maybe your pain can be managed at home.

Whatever move you make we all love you and as you know are praying.

P.S. You are very handsome in your photo and do not look ill at all. You are obviously strong-willed and determined.

LA to Lisa F.:

When I posted that entry, I felt a little unsure about it: should I be talking about myself in such specific terms, including my uncertainty about going into hospital? Was that misusing the blog as a purely personal blog? And then immediately I got your reassuring e-mail, and it made me feel so much better. Your e-mail answered exactly and made right the questions in my mind.

Roger G. writes:

Wow. The fact that your recent agony has NOT been caused by cancer spread may in retrospect turn out to have been a significant development - thank God - though that doesn’t ameliorate your present torture.

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