An apostate anti-Semite

Another member of the anti-Semitic community, named Friedrich Braun, has gone further than Hunter Wallace / Prozium in questioning his previous beliefs. He has a post at the Darwinian anti-Semitic website Majority Rights calling for white nationalists to abandon anti-Semitism, a stance he says has accomplished nothing of value for the white nationalist cause, and to include right-wing Jews in their ranks.

The commenters then proceed to call him a Jew-lover.

Here are two VFR entries that will give you an idea of the prevailing ideology at Majority Rights:

The Neo-Darwinian/Neo-Nazi Synthesis
[A revealing discussion with Mark Richardson about the Majority Rights site. “They take genetics and group competition for genetic reproduction as the real drivers, which means that political beliefs and ideals and the morality deriving from them are not to be taken at face value but represent a kind of coded aspect of the underlying genetic reality of things … given this approach they are taking the only attitude to you that’s possible for them as concerns you. They are locked into it. It would disprove their theory if you were not in a coded way acting for specifically Jewish genetic interests.”]

Is Majority Rights cleaning up its act?
[Majority Rights is now posting Holocaust denial articles. The discussion includes Tanstaafl’s statement that Lawrence Auster’s “ulterior purpose is to recruit Whites to serve jewish interests.”]

December 21

Dan G. writes:

Thank you for posting the two recent links showing anti-Semites renouncing their anti-Semitism. Fascinating reading. It’s heartening to see that such conversions are possible, that Jew-hatred is a sickness which can sometimes be cured. [LA replies: it’s a big surprise to me too. Most of these extreme anti-Semites are so far out I normally wouldn’t expect any of them to reform; but, as we see, it does happen.]

I was especially interested to read the Majority Rights link, as I was previously familiar with Friedrich Braun as one of the most hardcore, vitriolic anti-Semites on that blog. Now he sounds downright reasonable in his advocacy of a Geert Wilders/Jared Taylor-like approach. Especially amusing in the thread that follows is his evisceration of regular Majority Rights commenter Fred Scrooby.

LA replies:

I have never seen Braun’s name before. For him to go all the way from extreme anti-Semite to non-anti-Semite in one leap is astonishing.

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