McCarthy on Islam

Diana West interviews Andrew McCarthy on the theme of his book, The Grand Jihad, specifically on the similarity between the left and Islam that makes them natural allies.

By the way, over the weekend I stopped by the Barnes & Noble at 82nd Street and Broadway in Manhattan and asked the clerk on the main floor if they had The Grand Jihad. She didn’t know the word “jihad” and it had to be spelled for her. She said the store didn’t have any copies in stock, and didn’t plan to, though I could order a copy. I wasn’t interested in that, and I expressed surprise that the store was not carrying this new book on an important subject. She then said that ten copies were on special order for ten different customers. I was slow on the uptake and had walked away from her desk before the meaning of what she had said struck me: Ten customers had special-ordered the book, showing that it’s a book for which there is a lot of demand, but the store still didn’t order any copies for the shelves.

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