Spencer on the Weiner/Abedin marriage

In a fascinating interview at FrontPage Magazine, Robert Spencer reasons and speculates about the weird marriage of Anthony Weiner and Huma Abedin. He says that there are just two logical possibilities: either the marriage is an Islamic marriage, and had a Muslim cleric officiating at the ceremony along with former President Clinton, in which case Anthony Weiner had to have converted to Islam because under Islamic law a Muslim woman cannot marry a non-Muslim man; or the marriage is a sham, done for purposes of quieting the rumors that Hillary Clinton and Abedin were in a lesbian relationship.

FP’s Jamie Glazov and Spencer also touch on a strange and unseemly aspect of the wedding that has hardly been discussed:

Glazov: Sorry, I am a bit confused about the Bill Clinton angle. Isn’t this a bit of a bizarre person to ask to officiate your wedding? One would think that in getting married, you have things like faithfulness and loyalty on your mind, no?

Spencer: Yes, Bill Clinton is a strange choice, indeed—unless the whole point of the union had to do more with the Clinton connection than with faithfulness and loyalty.

Finally, there is the disturbing fact that Huma Abedin has relatives in the Muslim Brotherhood, about which Spencer comments:

[A] woman with extensive ties to an organization dedicated to destroying the United States is the most trusted aide of the Secretary of State—and no one cares. If a fiction writer had turned in a manuscript containing that scenario, it would have been rejected as unbelievable.

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Leonard D. writes:

Spencer leaves out an obvious third possibility: the Weiner/Abedin marriage is a standard American marriage. Occam’s razor suggests this as the most likely possibility in my opinion. It accounts for the oddities that seem to puzzle Spencer. Viz., Bill Clinton and not a Muslim cleric officiated at the wedding because it was a nondenominational American wedding. Abedin’s parents “allowed” her to marry Weiner because they had no say—it was an American marriage. Their seeming religious incompatibility is only an appearance: both of their religions are progressivism. He is a Protestant atheist Jew; she is a Protestant atheist Muslim.

I can’t rule out Spencer’s two speculations, but between them the theory that Weiner converted (or maybe “converted”) is the more plausible. If Weiner is a beard, it is hard to explain Abedin’s (reported) pregnancy.

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