Liberal morality

Richard W. writes:

What I have learned from discussions with liberal friends is that many liberals no longer even understand the concept of morality. For them what is moral is simply what is legal, and vice versa. That is why liberals put such emphasis on things like gay marriage being made legal.

For traditionalists there is a clear difference between the law and morality, and it is understood that morality will almost always be the higher standard that we are required to strive for.

For many liberals the question, “Was Weiner’s behavior immoral?”, is logically answered “No, he broke no laws.”

This was brought out quite clearly in Portland, Oregon, where the mayor who is a publicly out homosexual, was accused of having a gay relationship with a teenage boy while running for office. His explanation was that they did not have sex until after the boy’s 18th birthday, but only “dated” the boy when he was 17. He did not break the age of consent laws in Oregon, so (using liberal logic) he did nothing immoral. The mayor was 47 at the time.

This liberal view, no laws were broken, carried the day, and he retained his job as mayor. I suspect that Weiner will retain his job as well.

Posted by Lawrence Auster at June 10, 2011 11:35 AM | Send

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