Europe’s politically correct regime jumps the shark

How many people in online discussions and letters to the editor over the last six years have described the prophet Muhammad as a “child molester,” because of his marriage to the nine year old Aisha (who, by the way, became his favorite wife and a close advisor)? Thousands and thousands, right? (I haven’t. That’s not my style. But many have.) Well, all those thousands of people would now be liable to be sentenced to prison for two years in Austria. That’s what has just happened to Susanne Winter, a politician in Austria’s right-wing Freedom Party, according to a report by Thomas Landen at Brussels Journal.

A system of laws that imprisons people for calling Muhammad a child-molester—for stating an arguable historical fact about a man who lived 1,400 years ago—has gone Beyond the Fringe. It will collapse of its own absurdity.

But that is not all. Get this. Strap on your seat belt.

Landen writes:

Today in neighbouring Belgium the government’s anti-discrimination body CEOOR warned bloggers and websites to remove their links to Wilders’s movie. The CEOOR states that the movie aims to foster “fear, distrust and hatred of Muslims.” The anti-discrimination body has asked the Belgians to be “vigilant” and to report “cases of incitement to hatred and/or discrimination.”

Take that in. Belgian bloggers are being threatened with arrest and imprisonment for posting a link to Geert Wilders’s movie Fitna.

The leftist powers-that-be in Europe have jumped the shark. If Communist tyranny was a monstrous crime and tragedy, the EU tyranny is a farce. If the European peoples have an ounce of life in them, the EU’s unfree regime will soon be overturned.

If, however, they have not even an ounce of life in them, it will continue.

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By the way, in going to Wikipedia to provide a link for Aisha, I found out the origin of the word fitna.

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Michael writes:

“Jumping the shark?” Not really, since the phrase seems to indicate something not expected; something that challenges reality. What you write about is quite in keeping with the usual turn of events, and the usual suspects running Europe.

Sometimes you quote Nietzsche, who once wrote, “Nihilism stands at the door: whence comes this uncanniest of guests?” The door has long been opened in Europe, and now this not exactly unwelcome guest is quite at home, over there.

LA replies:

But I think that conservatives who have the view that “This liberal thing has been happening for a long time, these trends are from way back,” often tend to miss what is truly new. For example, conservatives who had a deep grasp of liberalism in, say, the early 1970s, will tend not to be interested in or grasp the significance of new and startling and worse developments of liberalism in the ’90s or ’00s. They feel they’ve seen and understood all that they need to see and understand. This cuts them off from seeing things they haven’t seen.

It’s true that Europe opened its doors to nihilism, statism, cultural suicide a long time ago. But when they throw a person in jail for saying, quote, Muhammad was a child-molester, unquote, then that is going to bring up short even the jaded Europeans. Remember, nothing stays still, including nihilism. Life goes on. After nihilism, what? More nihilism? Or, perhaps, a rejection of nihilism?

LA writes:

The important point is not that Muhammad married a nine year old girl (after betrothing her at six), it is that Islam permits marriage to female children and female infants to this day, and also licenses the husband to tough his “bride” sexually. See this post.

Jonathan L. writes:

As Hugh Fitzgerald frequently points out, one of Khomeini’s first acts upon attaining power was lowering the legal marriage age of girls to 9 (i.e. the age at which Aisha was betrothed to Muhammad). Khomeini also goes over in minute detail (Islam being Islam, of course) the sexual acts which may be performed between “bride” and groom.

Intercourse before menstruation may not be licit, but fondling and various forms of oral gratification definitely are. One should also note that sex with farm animals is perfectly licit in Islam, though if one is to subsequently sell the meat of such an animal, one must not do so to one’s family and neighbors, but go at least 1 village over.

Who says Islam is without a sense of humor?

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