Some recent items on Terry Jones

A BBC female in a five minute interview keeps baiting Jones with the questions you would expect, and he doesn’t sway—he’s very clear. He says that the storming of the UN compound and the mass murder of its employees shows his very point, that Islam is a violent religion.

I would have added: if you say that Islam is a violent religion, Muslims start randomly slaughtering people.

Here’s a video that juxtaposes Jones against his critics, meaning everyone in the world (except me).

Here is the transcript of the final part of the March 20 “trial” of the Koran held at Dove World Outreach Center, with Jones’s closing remarks.

For the moment I will just add this. The Koran is this monstrous book written by the mouthpiece of a sadistic god who calls for our destruction. What is the proper response on our part to this book? To reject it completely. To burn a copy of the Koran is a perfect symbolic expression of our total rejection of this monstrous book. This is what Jones understands and what so few others understand. And why don’t they understand it? Because they don’t totally reject Islam. Consider Robert Spencer. Does Spencer totally reject Islam? Not at all. For all his withering critiques of “supremacist Islam” (rarely or never of Islam itself), his writings assume a future in which Islam is allowed to remain in our society and keeps getting stronger and more numerous among us while we keep reading about it and debating about it and complaining about it and asking rhetorical questions about when it will reform itself.

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