Will wonders never cease? Study finds genetic differences between blacks and whites.

Karl D. writes:

A study has been done that finds there are genetic differences between blacks and whites. Granted, it is only that genetically speaking, black women are more susceptible to cervical cancer from the HPV virus then whites. But doesn’t this open up a whole Pandora’s box? I am only half joking.

LA replies:

I don’t think liberals have denied that there are genetic differences between the races as regards physical and biochemical features. What they deny is genetic differences that have anything to do with mentality.

As Sam Dickson put it at the 1994 American Renaissance conference, liberals believe that the entire biological world is determined by the mechanics of heredity, except for the one little part of the biological world that’s inside the human skull.

But wait. More recently liberals have added an exception to their exception. They say that the inside of the human skull is completely free of genetic determinism, except insofar as it makes some people homosexual. Unlike everything else about human mentality, the disposition to homosexuality is strictly genetically determined. Homosexuals have no more choice over their homosexuality, than sycamore trees have over being sycamore trees.

With all these artful exceptions that just happen to conform to and fortify liberal ideology, we see how science under the liberal regime serves the interests of liberalism as much as science under the Communist regime served the interests of Communism.

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